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Dream Job

Have you looked at your life? Do you know why it is going in that direction? Are you following your dream or someone else’s dream?

Getting a nudge

Dreams for your life should be from you with the gentle nudge from loved ones. But what about when that nudge is not a nudge but a shove from an employer to fulfill there dream.

I would say a nudge from an employer is ok if that employer is Apple or any other company that empowers you, forces you to think outside the box. See why will you stick with something that don’t put people with you that force you to better yourself? I like what I do but there is no progression, the company won’t give an opportunity to advance. They won’t nudge you to better yourself which promotes a better company.

Existing issues

How many times have you been promoted? How far can you advance in your company? Will the company give you the ability to make advances for them or is it do it our way? Are there better ways of doing business? Do they listen? Sorry, you just need to shut up and color. No one cares what you think.

That is the mentality of most businesses I have come across. So what are you going to do? I say rip up that coloring book and step out of your comfort zone. The world needs people to have free will, do what you want.

Change your lifestyle

Did you know network marketing gives you the ability to do what you want? Let’s you work at your own pace. I’ve got a great deal going and I would be proud to have anyone join that wants to live a lifestyle of there own choosing. Change your life.

Or stay with the same old job and hope that you can achieve happiness. Everything is up to you. So do you plan on changing your lifestyle to be more representative of you or your employer? Do you want to achieve your dream or that of someone else’s?

When is enough enough

So you are getting your life established. You have a good job, a good family and everything is working your way. Then, what happens you get a phone call from your employer.

Do you worry about yourself? No, you have already started working on a side gig that is helping provide minimal money so far.

The phone call

You get the call that the company has drastic changes that won’t include you. What are your thoughts about this? Why is it happening to me is your question? Will you survive? What will your family and friend say? You think well you planned on a change in your life. Remember you started the side gig to help provide a little spending cash. Guess what, the side gig is no longer the side gig. It is the choice you made that will change your life forever.

The side gig

For the price of just a weeks worths of lunch, you start the side gig which turns out to be life-changing. Q Sciences is the Health and Wellness products that help relieve everyday stresses. Look at this https://yourdecision.myqsciences.com/. This is what will change your life and anyone you know that needs health and wellness products.

The end

Yes, change your life for the better by doing something that you will enjoy and that benefits individuals that have everyday health concerns. Remember you sponsor individuals that will succeed and you have preferred customers that get great discounts on outstanding products. It’s a win-win for everyone. Success is your future.

Make time matter

What if I tell you I have an amazing opportunity for you? You can join an excellent company. You can work as much or as little as you want. What if I tell you that with this opportunity you make your dreams come true.

Now let me say that however much effort you put into this decides your income. You work 8-14 hours a day make thousands a week, or 0-8 hours a day for less than a thousand a week or month.

How many hours do you currently work? I work about 40-45 hours a week. Other guys I know work 60 plus hours a week and don’t make a lot of money. Why not put the amount of hours you work to use to really make an impact on your life?

Make your time matter for you not some dead end job. Feel your worth, make your loved ones happy because they spend more time with you. Click Here to start your life changing career

Network Marketing part 2

So the start of network marketing for me is with Q Sciences. Have you taken supplements, used lotions, got stress, anxiety, pain or any other medical condition that you use over the counter medications for?

See I have tested the Revive Mocha Hemp oil. I have felt better since using it. I get a full nights sleep and my pin in my arm is not as strong as it has been. Do I believe it is working? Yes without a doubt. Now remember in my previous post Network Marketing part 1 I mentioned the cost to start is as cheap as a weeks worth of lunches.

You don’t have to start as an Ambassador, you can be a preferred customer or retail customer. Each has these have advantages and you can join to take advantage of any of these opportunities by clicking Q Science Join/Buy. These products are quality products that will help you with any of your daily stresses.

Now remember this is network marketing, even if you are only a preferred customer. You would use products and endorse them to friends and family. That is networking.

Network Marketing part 1

Up until recently I was content with where I was at in life. Mediocre job and pay. The only thing the company has going for it is a few coworkers that are friends.

One day one of these coworkers I look up to suggested something I would normally never do; network marketing. OMG I’m not a salesman, don’t like to lie to people was my mindset this whole time With network marketing. He gave me lots of great advice.

Read, listen and research network marketing material. Gave great recommendations on books like Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded, Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional and Building Your Network Marketing Business are some of them. Now I’m not much on reading so I took the audio book of these. No matter what you decide to do, take up one of these book seriously look at your options in life.

Now another great thing was the fact he recommended that I try network marketing. Start small, something with low financial investing up front. And I’m talking about a weeks worth of lunches. That is Q Sciences and you get an opportunity to excel in life.

I’m just saying give network marketing a chance, be true to yourself and put max effort into it. You know you might not be in the best job, unemployed, living off family and friends or wanting to do something else. The opportunity is all yours. So step, job or sprint to starting line.

Hemp based products

Everywhere I go I see little signs stating CBD. These are mostly at smoke shops or little strip mall stores. Do you know the quality of the product? Do you trust that store clerk selling you the product to tell you if this product actually works? What research do they have?

Do you want to be ingesting oil that don’t absorb into your system? See that is the question you should be asking before purchasing a product. This is the same question you should ask for lotions! How many times hav you put lotion on to soften your skin, but it only leaves your skin oily?

Do your research, find products that will make you feel better. If you cannot find research on a particular product then why try it? Q Sciences has researched and developed amazing products that will help you through everyday stresses. To read more on Q Sciences go to my website Q Sciences. You will find lots of good information and if you want to try the products, join or be a retailer there are the options in the join now tab. Select your language and join. The products will not disappoint you.

Opportunity to Succeed beyond expectations


Have you went to try a new venture and someone tells you that it is not possible to succeed? See the issue is that that person is a coward for failing to let you try to succeed. You have an obligation to yourself!

Do you lack that encouragement to succeed in life? Who cares if they state you can’t do something! Step out of that bubble! I guarantee that all the encouragement you will need is your own. It is nice to have everyone else encourage you but it’s not needed. Keep your eyes on the goal. Push, succeed and prove to the world your great.

Now I’m going to encourage you to take on a challenge with network marketing. The opportunity is out there and who wouldn’t want to be happy. Q Science Ambassador. This is such an amazing company to be part of. Read up on it and see the products the sell. This is no cheap CBD product. The quality is great and the return for your health or someone you sell it too will prove to be such an encouragement. Check on a few of these products Q96, Fuse Hemp Oil Berry and Recovery cream. There are so many more that are so helpful to relieve some of life’s stresses.


Life is amazing. Do not take it for granted! You only have one life. Live it to its fullest and be happy. Look at your family, friends, coworkers or people walking down the street!

When you see your family and friends, should you have a sense of happiness? Same goes with your work or career, if you do not have that sense of happiness, joy or enthusiasm why are you there? Have you tried changing things to get it?

Get out and do something else that makes you happy! Do not keep yourself or others down. Succeed, have enjoyment and sense of purpose. That’s what life and a career should be. Try new things, meet new people and smile.

Join us

Life’s happiness

What makes you happy every day. What makes you smile. Is it your family, friends, work or something else?

Does work make you happy? How would you like to wake up whenever you want? Never be late or have to miss a special event! See that’s what Network Marketing offers. You just have to take your time and give it lots of effort.

Just remember the question was what makes you happy? How will you get to that point? Take a risk on an opportunity that will change your life. Don’t let anyone keep you down! You have to make yourself happy, not me or your boss.

Any questions check out these links of products and opportunity. Quick Pitch, Another Quick Pitch