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Autonomy with Network Marketing

A few weeks ago my wife said let’s go to Hawaii! I was like ok, so we booked our trip for the 4th of July weekend. Now who would not love that luxury? See when you get into network marketing the opportunities are endless.

Set a goal for your expectations with network marketing. Don’t set goals or expectations that are out of reach. Remember once you reach your goal you set another and another. You don’t stop unless your dead.

Types of goals that are achievable in my mind are have a million dollar net worth, buy your dream home or your dream car. Your opportunity is endless, just do not think they will fall into your lap. Work to your goals. In a previous post 5 a.m. I talked about wanting to wake up whenever I wanted. What I found out after the post was that most millionaires wake up before 5 a.m. to start there day.

Ok so spend at least 8 hours a day keep pushing yourself. Tell yourself nothing is going to stop you. Do not let naysayers deter your goals. You have to “man up”, take a stand to anyone including yourself and drive your goals. Then when your spouse, parents or loved ones say let’s go on a trip you can honestly say where too.

So why not try and commit yourself to network marketing? Why not have those luxury trips you hear about or see about? Why not……

Network Marketing part 2

So the start of network marketing for me is with Q Sciences. Have you taken supplements, used lotions, got stress, anxiety, pain or any other medical condition that you use over the counter medications for?

See I have tested the Revive Mocha Hemp oil. I have felt better since using it. I get a full nights sleep and my pin in my arm is not as strong as it has been. Do I believe it is working? Yes without a doubt. Now remember in my previous post Network Marketing part 1 I mentioned the cost to start is as cheap as a weeks worth of lunches.

You don’t have to start as an Ambassador, you can be a preferred customer or retail customer. Each has these have advantages and you can join to take advantage of any of these opportunities by clicking Q Science Join/Buy. These products are quality products that will help you with any of your daily stresses.

Now remember this is network marketing, even if you are only a preferred customer. You would use products and endorse them to friends and family. That is networking.

Network Marketing part 1

Up until recently I was content with where I was at in life. Mediocre job and pay. The only thing the company has going for it is a few coworkers that are friends.

One day one of these coworkers I look up to suggested something I would normally never do; network marketing. OMG I’m not a salesman, don’t like to lie to people was my mindset this whole time With network marketing. He gave me lots of great advice.

Read, listen and research network marketing material. Gave great recommendations on books like Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded, Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional and Building Your Network Marketing Business are some of them. Now I’m not much on reading so I took the audio book of these. No matter what you decide to do, take up one of these book seriously look at your options in life.

Now another great thing was the fact he recommended that I try network marketing. Start small, something with low financial investing up front. And I’m talking about a weeks worth of lunches. That is Q Sciences and you get an opportunity to excel in life.

I’m just saying give network marketing a chance, be true to yourself and put max effort into it. You know you might not be in the best job, unemployed, living off family and friends or wanting to do something else. The opportunity is all yours. So step, job or sprint to starting line.

Defining Yourself for Success

How are you defining yourself? Is it with the decisions you are making or someone else? Are you on top of the world or looking up hoping to be that person? Are you questioning yourself all the time? What is your success story?

When you define yourself, are you really looking at yourself? Are you happy in life? Do you have stage fright and will not speak up? Quit being nervous, speak up and better yourself! You only have one life and why let someone define you? Success is your accomplishment, and you do not want to stop at one success. The more you succeed, the better you are at defining the person you are!

So who are you? Are you the champion of your own actions or for someone else. I challenge you to step up and be true to you. I challenge you to take chances, stop being nervous and get on that stage of life and succeed.