Who are you

Can you clearly identify who you are? Can you say your a successful businessman/businesswoman? How do you define your success for who you are?

Do you know your customers? How do you define your quality of service?

What is your workforce like? Do you know everyone in your company? When you address someone do you make them feel comfortable? Sometimes when someone from leadership says something I just want to tell them to shut up and color. Especially when the first few sentences show’s ignorance.

The point is look at your business and how you run it. Get to know your employees, products and look at the quality of service your company provides. This is your business, your reputation and name.


So people have assumptions about network Marketing. They have assumptions of Cannabidiol (CBD) products. But what facts do they have. There have been more than 1,500 studies published to date investigating cannabinoids (a chemical prominent in hemp) and their benefits within the human body. Interested in learning how it can help you feel and function your best? Q Sciences has researched and worked there products to be top tier. If you have tried CBD products you know that you feel better. If you have not tried and CBD products or better health products I challenge you to try Q Sciences. You will see that there products will make you feel better. Some of there products are Full Spectrum Hemp, Fuse and Q1: Q Core. And if you feel that you want to join the Q Sciences team feel free to check out opportunities at Q Sciences.

Patience for Success

Do you have the patience to succeed in network marketing? Time, dedication, effort and commitment will help you succeed. Research show’s that to succeed in network marketing you have to give it time.

There is no get rich quick scheme. Nothing comes free so the effort you put into network Marketing to succeed will show results. Just give it time.

You just need to continue with what you are trying and if you haven’t attempted anything yet try Q Sciences. Don’t stand around doing nothing, help yourself and take chances to succeed.

Opportunity and Denial

Have you ever had an opportunity to take on a new career and denied yourself from taking the leap? Did you feel it in your heart or was it just like any other job opportunity that you felt was blah?

A friend stated that you need to look onto a busy highway and consider every vehicle is just an opportunity out there. Are you going to deny yourself and stay on the feeder road? Will you take that leap or just watch these opportunities pass you by.

I did this for years until the day I was fed up with the direction I felt my career was going. I was pointed to Q Sciences which I considered was something to believe in. What it takes to start up vs the current misery of my job I thought that I was a winner.

See when you start something like this your not having to give up what you currently do. You build it up and if it don’t feel like it’s working you don’t give up. You keep pushing yourself learning, reading books, watching videos or inspirational speakers.

Go Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Psycho-cybernetics 2000 by Maxwell Maltz (10-Mar-1997) Paperback

The Best of Les Brown Audio Collection: Inspiration from the World’s Leading Motivational Speaker

These are a few options for you to read. There are so many other avenues to help guide you. You have other bloggers like BJRIGGS50 and Emma Ortega Negrete for example.

My main point is do not deny yourself an opportunity that you believe in.

Supervision Sucks

You go to work rarely seeing your supervisor. Your workday is an 8-5 job paid hourly. They expect you to answer your phone and be on call whenever they have questions. And they don’t want you to clock because it is only a question.

They introduce you as the manager but won’t give you the title. Why, because they don’t want to pay you more! They don’t want you asking for more money! Whatever the reason is it is only playing with your mind.

One of your coworkers comes up and said did you read your work email? You are already on edge because the company has been downsizing. You tell your coworker just to tell you what’s going on and they just insist you read the email yourself. You read the email and see that someone just got promoted and everyone except supervision is dumbfounded. You can prove that employee has cost the company tens of thousands of dollars but they state job well done and this was well deserved.

What happened to your promotion? Remember you were told you were a manager but nothing. Your responsibility has more than tripled and still at same pay rate and same title. Do you see your value now?

So does management suck? Not necessarily because they are getting work done by you at no extra cost to them. Saving them money, smart on them I guess. Is it going to drive you away? Depends on you and whether or not you want to change your life.

Do you read? Have you ever read books like Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, The Infinite Game, Psycho-cybernetics 2000 by Maxwell Maltz

Weight watching

Did you lose weight today? What did you do to lose that weight? Are you happy with your weight? Does your weight make you feel self conscious?

What did you do to lose that weight? Was it supplements, exercise, both or lack of eating? When you use supplements are you taking them on a daily basis? Spending tons of money then on those supplements? Now the big question is what is your total loss of weight with those supplements?

Have you taken that supplement that only works for a few hours then you crash. Why take product like that? Have you tried Q Energize http://ltl.is/dCWDK? Why not try something that will work and make you feel better.

Live your life happy and enjoy the moments.

Why work

Your at a dead end job. You don’t even know your peers that have been working with you for the last few days, weeks or even months. You don’t get recognition for what you do.

Every day when I go to work I am wondering if today is the day I take my belongings home with me. You see your company brag about you, congratulate your hard word and dedication then lay you off days or weeks later. This happens all too much and the only person that must care what happens is you.

When you wake up in the morning have you said I’m so glad I’m going to work today? My daily routine was wake up wishing it was Friday again or that my weekend was too short. This kind of job or career will not be good for you, your family or your health. So stay with the current job to pay the bills, but looking at other options that might make you happy.

I had one Career that I knew my purpose, got promoted and awarded for what I did. It was the Air Force and my routine was specific and well defined! I was happy every day I woke up. I didn’t worry about getting fired. My leadership pushed everyone to think outside the box for ways to improve what we do. There are few companies that ask you to think outside the box or if they do they don’t really want you to recommend changes.

Have you tried CBD, multi-vitamins or weight loss supplements? http://ltl.is/Hf7cP. I have tried and used these over the years. Why not endorse items that have helped you. Network Marketing that’s what I’m talking about. A good friend put me on a path that I think will make me happy, give me that sense of purpose and excitement. YourDecision.myqsciences.com.

How do you accomplish your Why

How are you going to accomplish your “Why”? Is your company going to give some opportunities to think outside the box to meet a Why? Are you going to do anything in your power to meet your Why? These are some questions you should ask yourself.

Does your company let you think outside the box? Is the company you work for stagnant and provides you with no purpose? Are you meeting your Why and if not then should you consider whether you should stay with them?

Look for inspiration to help guide you in accomplishing your How. Do you have friends/family that are inspiration. And don’t forget your inspiration can be someone you can’t stand just look at there How and if its dismal then you see what they do to be dismal then improve upon it.

Some inspirational speakers you can look toward are Tony Robbins https://youtu.be/w9cupNVLP6M, Simon Sinek https://youtu.be/RyTQ5-SQYTo and Les Brown https://youtu.be/7Feb6CQc-p8. Just listen to some of these amazing individuals.

What is your Why

Why do you do what you do. These are questions employers should be asking in interviews, occasionally when they see their subordinates and on annual appraisals.

As motivational speaker Simon Sinek explains with his Golden Circle https://youtu.be/vHmayENj6Xg. The circle starts at “Why” in middle, then “How” and on the outer part of the circle is “What”. I believe your “Why” should make you happy in life. How many of you are happy with your job/career?

I started new venture with Q Sciences in which they ask “Why”. When that is asked you think wow why am I going to do this. And I believe that this is a company that will make you happy. https://yourdecision.myqsciences.com/

Just remember you don’t have to have one how to do what it takes to accomplish your why. Take chances and step up to new opportunities.

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