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Everywhere I go I see little signs stating CBD. These are mostly at smoke shops or little strip mall stores. Do you know the quality of the product? Do you trust that store clerk selling you the product to tell you if this product actually works? What research do they have?

Do you want to be ingesting oil that don’t absorb into your system? See that is the question you should be asking before purchasing a product. This is the same question you should ask for lotions! How many times hav you put lotion on to soften your skin, but it only leaves your skin oily?

Do your research, find products that will make you feel better. If you cannot find research on a particular product then why try it? Q Sciences has researched and developed amazing products that will help you through everyday stresses. To read more on Q Sciences go to my website Q Sciences. You will find lots of good information and if you want to try the products, join or be a retailer there are the options in the join now tab. Select your language and join. The products will not disappoint you.

Opportunity to Succeed beyond expectations

Defining Yourself for Success

How are you defining yourself? Is it with the decisions you are making or someone else? Are you on top of the world or looking up hoping to be that person? Are you questioning yourself all the time? What is your success story?

When you define yourself, are you really looking at yourself? Are you happy in life? Do you have stage fright and will not speak up? Quit being nervous, speak up and better yourself! You only have one life and why let someone define you? Success is your accomplishment, and you do not want to stop at one success. The more you succeed, the better you are at defining the person you are!

So who are you? Are you the champion of your own actions or for someone else. I challenge you to step up and be true to you. I challenge you to take chances, stop being nervous and get on that stage of life and succeed.

CBD Questions

The wonderful world of the web has so many articles on Cannabidiol (CBD) oil. What questions you have, I would say ask people that have used it. Some Doctors will recommend it, some are against it.

Do you know what CBD oil is? It is the non-intoxicating extract from marijuana. How about the known benefits as discussed at https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/cbd-oil-benefits#section1. Some of the seven talked about on healthline are 1) can relieve pain, 2) Reduction of anxiety and depression, 3) Alleviate Cancer-Related symptoms, 4) Reduce acne, 5)Diabetes prevention and so on.

So you ask yourself over and over why has it taken so long to come around? The answer as it has been medically used as early as 400 ad. So my question is with the benefits that CBD products have why would you not be using it?

If you are needing Support for normal, everyday stresses* • Promotes normal recovery from exercise* • Supports a sense of calm for focus* • Promotes overall wellness* • Relaxing, not intoxicating: non-psychoactive, non-addictive, not a controlled substance why not check out my website at https://yourdecision.myqsciences.com see some of the products. The Join/Buy gives you opportunity to buy the vast products Q Sciences sells.


Have you went to try a new venture and someone tells you that it is not possible to succeed? See the issue is that that person is a coward for failing to let you try to succeed. You have an obligation to yourself!

Do you lack that encouragement to succeed in life? Who cares if they state you can’t do something! Step out of that bubble! I guarantee that all the encouragement you will need is your own. It is nice to have everyone else encourage you but it’s not needed. Keep your eyes on the goal. Push, succeed and prove to the world your great.

Now I’m going to encourage you to take on a challenge with network marketing. The opportunity is out there and who wouldn’t want to be happy. Q Science Ambassador. This is such an amazing company to be part of. Read up on it and see the products the sell. This is no cheap CBD product. The quality is great and the return for your health or someone you sell it too will prove to be such an encouragement. Check on a few of these products Q96, Fuse Hemp Oil Berry and Recovery cream. There are so many more that are so helpful to relieve some of life’s stresses.


Life is amazing. Do not take it for granted! You only have one life. Live it to its fullest and be happy. Look at your family, friends, coworkers or people walking down the street!

When you see your family and friends, should you have a sense of happiness? Same goes with your work or career, if you do not have that sense of happiness, joy or enthusiasm why are you there? Have you tried changing things to get it?

Get out and do something else that makes you happy! Do not keep yourself or others down. Succeed, have enjoyment and sense of purpose. That’s what life and a career should be. Try new things, meet new people and smile.

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5 A.M.

5 am you are waking up to get ready for work! Is it possible you want to get up a little later? Wouldn’t you want to be your own boss and wake up just in time to have a cup of coffee and look watch to sun rise?

Think about what you want in life! Drive your goals and dreams. Do not let them run on autopilot with no clear direction! Get inspired, take leaps of faith and follow your dreams.

What inspires you? What inspiration helps you achieve your success?

Success or Failure

Why do companies like Avon, Herbalife, Amway and Mary Kay have such success with network marketing? When you look at these companies what are there business model for success? There are so many books, articles and videos to help with your success.

Here are some books or videos such:

It’s possible (Les Brown’s greatest hits)

Sometimes you just need to be motivated! You can do anything you want, just need to keep pushing. Don’t be toxic, sitting around doing nothing or complaining. People have the genetic coding to be successful in life.

So what do you do? Are you going to do what it takes to be a success? Or are you going to be a failure? The choice is yours.

Opportunity to succeed check out Q Sciences Quick pitch.

Life’s happiness

What makes you happy every day. What makes you smile. Is it your family, friends, work or something else?

Does work make you happy? How would you like to wake up whenever you want? Never be late or have to miss a special event! See that’s what Network Marketing offers. You just have to take your time and give it lots of effort.

Just remember the question was what makes you happy? How will you get to that point? Take a risk on an opportunity that will change your life. Don’t let anyone keep you down! You have to make yourself happy, not me or your boss.

Any questions check out these links of products and opportunity. Quick Pitch, Another Quick Pitch

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