Dream Job

Have you looked at your life? Do you know why it is going in that direction? Are you following your dream or someone else’s dream?

Getting a nudge

Dreams for your life should be from you with the gentle nudge from loved ones. But what about when that nudge is not a nudge but a shove from an employer to fulfill there dream.

I would say a nudge from an employer is ok if that employer is Apple or any other company that empowers you, forces you to think outside the box. See why will you stick with something that don’t put people with you that force you to better yourself? I like what I do but there is no progression, the company won’t give an opportunity to advance. They won’t nudge you to better yourself which promotes a better company.

Existing issues

How many times have you been promoted? How far can you advance in your company? Will the company give you the ability to make advances for them or is it do it our way? Are there better ways of doing business? Do they listen? Sorry, you just need to shut up and color. No one cares what you think.

That is the mentality of most businesses I have come across. So what are you going to do? I say rip up that coloring book and step out of your comfort zone. The world needs people to have free will, do what you want.

Change your lifestyle

Did you know network marketing gives you the ability to do what you want? Let’s you work at your own pace. I’ve got a great deal going and I would be proud to have anyone join that wants to live a lifestyle of there own choosing. Change your life.

Or stay with the same old job and hope that you can achieve happiness. Everything is up to you. So do you plan on changing your lifestyle to be more representative of you or your employer? Do you want to achieve your dream or that of someone else’s?

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