What do you do after retiring/separate from the military

So after you serve your military career what do you expect to do? Do you plan on going straight to another job? Will you stay home for a while and enjoy your time with loved ones? Are you prepared for what the world has in store for you?


The structure of the military is unlike anything you get in the civilian world. You have a mission to accomplish, and each day you have proven your excellence. You have honor in what you do because what you do is for the good of the country. For the last 20 plus years, you have given to your country what others refuse to or where unable to do.

No matter what branch of the service you were in, you should have so much pride. Hopefully, you have continued your education and at least received a bachelor’s degree while in the military. No matter what you accomplished the best paying jobs/careers require that education. Take that discipline and structure and put it to good use. Provide yourself with a better opportunity when you retire or separate from the military.

Idea’s for your future

You should be planning for your future. Look to friends and family that might have retired or that are working in the civilian sector. Here is an idea for you that might not have been addressed as your progress in the military continues. Get a Project Management Certification https://www.pmi.org/-/media/pmi/documents/public/pdf/business-solutions/military-experience.pdf. What about an educator, that is an honorable job https://proudtoserveagain.com/. Here is a new one for you, Network Marketing https://shrlnk.me/EB8C71

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