Opportunity and Denial

Have you ever had an opportunity to take on a new career and denied yourself from taking the leap? Did you feel it in your heart or was it just like any other job opportunity that you felt was blah?

A friend stated that you need to look onto a busy highway and consider every vehicle is just an opportunity out there. Are you going to deny yourself and stay on the feeder road? Will you take that leap or just watch these opportunities pass you by.

I did this for years until the day I was fed up with the direction I felt my career was going. I was pointed to Q Sciences which I considered was something to believe in. What it takes to start up vs the current misery of my job I thought that I was a winner.

See when you start something like this your not having to give up what you currently do. You build it up and if it don’t feel like it’s working you don’t give up. You keep pushing yourself learning, reading books, watching videos or inspirational speakers.

Go Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Psycho-cybernetics 2000 by Maxwell Maltz (10-Mar-1997) Paperback

The Best of Les Brown Audio Collection: Inspiration from the World’s Leading Motivational Speaker

These are a few options for you to read. There are so many other avenues to help guide you. You have other bloggers like BJRIGGS50 and Emma Ortega Negrete for example.

My main point is do not deny yourself an opportunity that you believe in.

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