Supervision Sucks

You go to work rarely seeing your supervisor. Your workday is an 8-5 job paid hourly. They expect you to answer your phone and be on call whenever they have questions. And they don’t want you to clock because it is only a question.

They introduce you as the manager but won’t give you the title. Why, because they don’t want to pay you more! They don’t want you asking for more money! Whatever the reason is it is only playing with your mind.

One of your coworkers comes up and said did you read your work email? You are already on edge because the company has been downsizing. You tell your coworker just to tell you what’s going on and they just insist you read the email yourself. You read the email and see that someone just got promoted and everyone except supervision is dumbfounded. You can prove that employee has cost the company tens of thousands of dollars but they state job well done and this was well deserved.

What happened to your promotion? Remember you were told you were a manager but nothing. Your responsibility has more than tripled and still at same pay rate and same title. Do you see your value now?

So does management suck? Not necessarily because they are getting work done by you at no extra cost to them. Saving them money, smart on them I guess. Is it going to drive you away? Depends on you and whether or not you want to change your life.

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