Why work

Your at a dead end job. You don’t even know your peers that have been working with you for the last few days, weeks or even months. You don’t get recognition for what you do.

Every day when I go to work I am wondering if today is the day I take my belongings home with me. You see your company brag about you, congratulate your hard word and dedication then lay you off days or weeks later. This happens all too much and the only person that must care what happens is you.

When you wake up in the morning have you said I’m so glad I’m going to work today? My daily routine was wake up wishing it was Friday again or that my weekend was too short. This kind of job or career will not be good for you, your family or your health. So stay with the current job to pay the bills, but looking at other options that might make you happy.

I had one Career that I knew my purpose, got promoted and awarded for what I did. It was the Air Force and my routine was specific and well defined! I was happy every day I woke up. I didn’t worry about getting fired. My leadership pushed everyone to think outside the box for ways to improve what we do. There are few companies that ask you to think outside the box or if they do they don’t really want you to recommend changes.

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