What is your Why

Why do you do what you do. These are questions employers should be asking in interviews, occasionally when they see their subordinates and on annual appraisals.

As motivational speaker Simon Sinek explains with his Golden Circle https://youtu.be/vHmayENj6Xg. The circle starts at “Why” in middle, then “How” and on the outer part of the circle is “What”. I believe your “Why” should make you happy in life. How many of you are happy with your job/career?

I started new venture with Q Sciences in which they ask “Why”. When that is asked you think wow why am I going to do this. And I believe that this is a company that will make you happy. https://yourdecision.myqsciences.com/

Just remember you don’t have to have one how to do what it takes to accomplish your why. Take chances and step up to new opportunities.

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